Each building within Hotel Story is known as a facility. Your hotel starts off with four facilities:
  1. Two Bedrooms
  2. One Vending Machine
  3. One Male Bath

At present, there are over 90 different facilities within Hotel Story's world, with more being added on a weekly basis. Tourists come to your hotel and pay to use your facilities. The higher the level of your facility, the more it costs to use it. You can also increase the usage fee of a facility by using items. For tips on how to use items, please go to the Items section of this Wiki.

Each facility may be upgraded from Level 1 to Level 10. The cost and time to build and upgrade varies from facility to facility. For more information, please see the respective facility's page below.

The number of tourists that come to your hotel is dependent on the number of bedrooms that you have and the investments that you've made.

More and more facilities are unlocked as you progress through the game e.g. at the start, (Level 1), only the bedroom, vending machine, massage chair and male bath is available. The Panda Nursery is available at Level 41.

It's important to know the characteristics of each of your facilities. For example, each facility can hold a maximum number of coins. Once the maximum is reached, even if tourists use the facility, there is no benefit and coins are wasted. Some facilities let multiple tourists into the building e.g. the A.T.M,  thus the potential earnings of that facility is doubled and it would be wise to keep the usage fee low so you don't reach the maximum fast. This is, of course dependent on the strategy you employ i.e. if you want to collect money quickly or less frequently.

Each facility adds to the overall appeal of your hotel, which is important if you want to be ranked on the appeal's leader board. For more information on appeal, please go to the Misc section of this wiki.

Building A FacilityEdit


Building a facility is easy. Just go to the Shop and select the desired facility. Once a facility is being built, you have the option to cancel the build or to speed it up. Cancelling a build will refund only 50% of the cost. You also have the option of speeding up a build using diamonds. The amount of diamonds is dependent on the time remaining on the project.


Upgrade 1

To upgrade a facility, simply select it and hit the upgrade button. Information on the cost and time of the upgrade will be revealed. Select the cost and you're on your way.

Upgrade 2

During an upgrade, you can increase the usage fee of that facility by using items. Just go to the Info button and then "Use Item". Upgrades may also be cancelled, with a 50% refund or sped up with the use of diamonds.

Combining FacilitiesEdit

There are a few special facilities within Hotel Story. These are buildings that may be combined to create something special. At present, the following facilities may be combined:

Facilities Available Edit

Bedroom Facility Male bath Facility Massage Chair Facility Vending machine Facility Female bath Facility
Park Bench Facility Library Facility Laundry Facility Supermart Facility Bicycle Shop Facility
Cybercafe Facility Greeting Cards Facility Toilet Facility Perfume Shop Facility Restaurant Facility
Fastfood Facility Manicure Facility Cafe Facility Calligraphy Facility Cello Shop Facility
Champagne Shop Facility Flower shop Facility Toy Shop Facility Gift shop Facility Tie Shop Facility
Waffle Shop Facility Atm Facility Cereal Shop Facility Fishing Shop Facility Indian Crepe Facility
Dango Shop Facility Gym Facility Science Lab Facility Cheese Cakes Facility Hamper Shop Facility
Mooncake shop Facility Wine shop Facility Donut Shop Facility Kite Shop Facility Massage room Facility
Pasta Shop Facility Lantern Shop Facility Pizza shop Facility Umbrella Shop Facility Ball Pit Facility
Karaoke room Facility Convenience Store Facility Harp Shop Facility Autumn Shop Facility Lovebird Shop Facility
Pearl Shop Facility Teddy bear shop Facility Clinic Facility Dentist Facility Claw Crane Facility
Yoga Facility Basketball Icons Guitar Shop Facility Halloween Shop Facility Mojo Shop Facility
BBQ Cookie Shop Facility FishnChips Facility Police Facility Modern art Facility
Macaroon shop Facility Owl Shop Facility Disco Facility Slot machines Facility Towel Shop Facility
Guitar Shop2 Facility Mochi Shop Facility Pineapple Tart Shop Facility Hawaiian bar Facility Ball vs can Facility
Mask Shop Facility XMas Gifts Facility Camera Shop Facility Crepe Shop Facility Ice cream shop Facility
Cake shop Facility Soup&Spoon Facility Taiyaki Shop Facility Violin Shop Facility Deluxe room1 Facility
Deluxe room2 Facility Deluxe room3 Facility Deluxe room4 Facility Ice Desserts Facility Teppanyaki Facility
XMas Cakes Facility Autumn Shop 2 Facility Meat Shop Facility Movies Facility Poison Apple Shop Facility
Art gallery Facility Fireworks Shop Facility Fruit Shop Facility Popstar Museum Facility CNY Decorations Facility
Darts Game Facility Juicy bar Facility Public bath Facility Doll museum Facility Hat Shop Facility
Boutique Facility Cheese shop Facility Map Shop Facility Bowling Balls Facility Cheongsam Shop Facility
Chocolates Facility Summer shop Facility 120px Ballet Facility Zoo Facility
Mad Hatter Shop Facility Musicbox Shop Facility Rose Museum Facility Swimsuit shop Facility Car Exhibit Facility
Jewellery Facility Mochi Shop2 Facility Zoo2 Facility Game Shop Facility Salon Facility
Zoo3 Facility Aquarium Facility Chick Shop Facility Piano Shop Facility Dog Shop Facility
Panda nursery Facility Space Restaurant Facility Fancy Clothes Facility 120px 120px
Sushi Shop Facility Candy Store Facility 120px 120px 120px
120px 120px 120px 120px 120px
120px 120px 120px 120px 120px
120px 120px