Female Bath is one of the facilities which unlocked on Level 2.

Description Edit

Female Bath only allows single female tourist enjoying the service, you can see there is 6 towels on the right hand and extra two on the floor, some petals are floating around the tub, when tourists enter this facility, they will take off their bathrobe enjoying the bath.

Trivia Edit

  • Two level 5 and above male and/or female baths may be combined to create a Public Bath.
  • Only Female Tourists enter this shop


Level Usage Fee Appeal Cost Max Build Time Sell
Level 1 Coin6 Appeal5 Coin800 Coin160 Time30m Coin160
Level 2 +2 +1 Coin1,600 Coin210 Time1h Coin320
Level 3 +2 +1 Coin3,200 Coin275 Time2h Coin640
Level 4 +3 +1 Coin6,400 Coin360 Time4h Coin1,280
Level 5 +3 +1 Coin12,800 Coin470 Time7h Coin2,560
Level 6 +4 +1 Coin25,600 Coin615 Time10h Coin5,120
Level 7 +4 +1 Coin51,200 Coin800 Time13h Coin
Level 8 +5 +1 Coin102,400 Coin1,040 Time16h Coin
Level 9 +5 +1 Coin204,800 Coin1,355 Time19h Coin
Level 10 +6 +1 Coin409,600 Coin1,765 Time22h Coin