Greeting Cards is one of the facilities which unlocked at Level 7.

Description Edit

Greeting Cards provides different colors of cards, you can see the balloon on the corner which indicates it sells pink, yellow and blue card (But clerk only give tourists yellow or blue cards), there are many white greeting cards around the facility as well. Tourists will stand in front of the balloon to pick out the color and then go to checkout counter.


Level Usage Fee Appeal Cost Max Build Time Sell
Level 1 Coin11 Appeal7 Coin4,000 Coin210 Time2h 30m Coin800
Level 2 +2 +1 Coin8,000 Coin275 Time3h Coin1,600
Level 3 +2 +1 Coin16,000 Coin360 Time4h Coin3,200
Level 4 +3 +1 Coin32,000 Coin470 Time6h Coin6,400
Level 5 +3 +1 Coin64,000 Coin615 Time9h Coin12,800
Level 6 +4 +1 Coin128,000 Coin800 Time12h Coin25,600
Level 7 +4 +1 Coin256,000 Coin1,040 Time15h Coin51,200
Level 8 +5 +1 Coin512,000 Coin1,355 Time18h Coin102,400
Level 9 +5 +1 Coin1,204,000 Coin1,765 Time21h Coin204,800
Level 10 +6 +1 Coin1,843,200 Coin2,295 Time24h Coin368,640