At the start of the game, only male and female students and backpackers come to your hotel and the only item available to enhance your facilities is the soft drink, magazine, and pillow.In order to attract different and richer tourists to the hotel, one needs to invest in “external buildings” e.g. an art gallery. These investments are available in the Task List.

Investment 2
Investments cost coins and once it’s made, a new type of item is also available. For example, investing in a stadium will attract sporty couples and the floor mat is unlocked.

Once an investment is completed, a new one becomes available shortly thereafter.

The following table contains a list of investments and its corresponding tourists and items it unlocks.Edit

Renata Investment Building Cost Tourist 1 Tourist 2 Item Unlocked
Garden 500 Senior (M) Senior (F) Milk
Office Tower 1,000 Businessman Businesswoman Coffee
Sports Complex 5,000 Sportsman Sportswoman Poster
Library 10,000 Young Couple Salt
Campsite 50,000 Adventurous Couple Moisturizer
Community Center 75,000 Senior Couple Book
Cinema 100,000 Actor Watermelon
Stadium 250,000 Sporty Couple Floor Mat
Concert Hall 500,000 Pop Star Scented Candle
Law Firm 750,000 Lawyer Kimchi
Court 1M Judge Sports Drink
Marraige Registry 2.5M Accounting


Science Lab 5M Scientist (M) Tennis Ball
Golf Club 7.5M Rich Couple Nice Pen
Casino 10M Famous Couple Controller
Science Centre 25M Scientist (F) Whipped Cream
Spaceship 50M Scientist Couple Juicer
N.B.A 75M Basketballer Basketball
Alien Centre 100M Pandaran Wine

There are also a number of non building related investments that may be made as the game progresses. They include Edit

  • Collects all Coins on one Floor at once (Level 15 Cost: 300,000) this means u can collect coins automatically .
  • Collects all Coins on all Floors at once (Level 16 Cost: 300,000)
  • an additional worker (Level 20: Cost: 1,000,000)
  • a faster reception desk (Level 21 Cost: 500,000)

Tip: The level of game you are at determines the amount of coins that may be saved. For example, at Level 49, your account may only hold 72942000 coins. Thus, to buy an alien centre, which costs 100000000, you must level up to 50 first.