The appeal of a facility is important for the following reasons:
  • The time a tourist spends using a facility is dependent on the appeal value. The higher the appeal, the shorter the time a tourist will spend in it. This is particularly important if there are many tourists waiting to use a particular facility. Your tourists aren't patient folk. As a rough guide, if a building has an appeal value of 50, the speed of your tourist is at 10%. However, if the appeal value is 350, your tourist will move 70% faster whilst in the facility.
  • A facility with a higher appeal value attracts more tourists. This is particularly important if you want to encourage tourists to visit a facility which has a higher usage fee than others.

Tip: It is important to remember that whilst there is no limit to the appeal value of a facility, the program only calculates up to a value of 500.

The appeal of a facility may be increased in two ways:

  1. upgrading the facility
  2. using decorations (please go to the Decorations section of this wiki for more information)

Game LevelsEdit

Hotel Story goes up to 50 levels, The game level is dependent on the first floor of your hotel. Leveling up increases the size of your first floor and increases the spending power of your tourists. For more information about the pricing and size of each level upgrade, please go to the Floor section of this wiki.


When you upgrade the first floor of your hotel, your tourists also get upgraded automatically. The tourists need a little time to adjust, hence where satisfaction points come in. At each level, there is a maximum number of satisfaction points they have to achieve before they are upgraded. They get satisfaction points by visiting facilities.

In the example below, at Level 19, they have to reach 6050 points before they are upgraded. This set point increases with each game level. At level 50, they have to reach 65000.


User IDEdit

User ID 1
Your User ID may be found in the Followers menu and is important for two reasons:
  1. for your friends to find you
  2. for when you need technical support

The ID is case sensitive so it may be a little tricky.

User ID 2
An easy way to give your friends or the developers your correct User ID is to take a picture of your hotel and send it via email. A default message appears with your User ID in it.

Game StudioEdit

Game Studio 1
Upon reaching Level 30, a Game Studio is available. This studio has a preset number of tasks to complete and the rewards are well worth the effort -- potions and an increase in the maximum number of tourists! Once you've completed a task, another one will be revealed in due time. This goes on for a fair number of times so be patient. You will be pleased.