There are three types of resources available in the world of Hotel Story:


This is the currency required to invest, build and upgrade facilities. The fastest way to earn coins is to leave the game running and to collect it frequently. Tourists visit facilities faster with the game running.


Another way to earn coins is to share a photo of your hotel with your friends. This revenue stream is only available when the camera logo lights up, a few times a day. The higher your game level, the higher the coin reward.

Coins may also be bought using diamonds at the shop and conducting tours.

A coin collector, which costs 300,000 coins, may be bought upon reaching Level 15. This enables you to collect all coins with a single tap.


Diamonds are the most valuable commodity within Hotel Story. They are needed to hire more workers, speed up the build time of a building or buy special ability potions in the Item Shop. Diamonds may be earned by completing tasks or purchased with real world money.

A small number of free diamonds are available on a daily basis from the Shop.


Workers are the backbone of the game. They are needed to complete tasks, build and upgrade facilities and place decorations. You start off with 2 workers and may hire more using diamonds. There is no limit to the number of workers you might have. The more workers you have, the more you can do simultaneously. The first worker costs 500 diamonds and a free worker is given as you progress through the game.